Icon Attracting

Attracting Superb Tenants by syndicating your property on many websites including Zillow and Trulia, placing a sign on the property, and allowing tenants to apply and pay online.


Icon Screening

Rigid Screening to ensure only the highest of quality tenants are allowed in your property, performing credit and criminal background checks, previous and former employment, as well as rental history.


Icon Educate

Educational Tenant Orientation allows the tenant to understand and be educated on our strict policies, what the lease states including their responsibilities as well as our responsibility to serve them and you as the owner. By being on the same page, we have seen increased tenant and owner satisfaction.


Icon SigningLease Signing involves the preparation and execution of all leasing documents in accordance with Leases & Addenda promulgated by the Texas Association of Realtors, as well as offer digital signing services for both tenants and owners for a convenient signing process.


Icon RetentionTenant Retention is enhanced by creating relationships with our tenants, which can enhance responsiveness in communication and awareness of any issues that require attention.


Icon CollectionStrict Rent Collections are enforced on any outstanding balance to ensure you, as the owner, gets paid in a timely manner. Rent collections are diminished by the availability of tenants to pay online through their tenant portal with either a bank account or credit card, which means rent is paid on time more frequently because of the additional options.


Icon CareCare & Maintenance of your property is extremely important to us, primarily because we are rental property owners too and we understand the importance of taking care of maintenance requests swiftly and keeping a close eye on the property to ensure it’s truly cared for.


Icon InspectionsRoutine Property Inspections are performed to ensure your property is ready for high quality tenants, as well as routine inspections during the lease, which we find to be pivotal in making sure your property is being cared for.


Icon MovingSeamless Move In and Move Out Process gets tenants moved out and new tenants moved in as quickly as possible to ensure you are receiving the maximum amount of rental income. Our efficient software and processes allows you to not only maximize your income, but to clearly and accurately understand the pertinent details of the transition.


Icon Make ReadySwift Make Ready & Rehab provides you with our list of vendors to get in and out quickly to get the property turned over for new tenants. We will manage the entire make ready or rehab for you and take care of the financial and project management aspects to make your life easier.


Icon ReportingConvenient & Accurate Online Reporting allows you to understand the key financials for your property, and as rental owners ourselves, we understand how important this is. For this reason, we set you up with a unique login portal to access all of your reports including income statements, rent rolls, and more.